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Southwestern: Student Entrepreneurs

by Barbara Seale

May 01, 2011

Few college students view summers as the foundation for their future. But each year for about 3,000 ambitious young people, that’s exactly what it is. They’re the young adults who spend their summers running their own businesses as they sell Southwestern’s educational learning system to families.

Most people know Swarovski as the jewelry often seen on starlets such as Natalie Portman and Julianne Hough.

Nature’s Sunshine has helped people achieve brilliant bodies for almost 40 years with its supplements and encapsulated herbs. Now there’s a broader focus—creating brilliant businesses for its distributors.

ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

by Barbara Seale

February 01, 2011

Founder and CEO Ryan Blair says that he and his two co-founders spent the company’s first five years learning what not to do. Now that they have found the formula, they’re celebrating a year of 500 percent revenue growth.

JAFRA: Royal Dynasty

by Brittany Glenn

January 02, 2011

JAFRA leads the way by embracing diversity and transforming women’s lives with its unique products and opportunity.

Celebrating a Century of Success

by Barbara Seale

December 01, 2010

The Regal Ware family of businesses has been cooking up success for a solid century.

Ambit: Ample Accolades and Awards

by Barbara Seale

November 01, 2010

Honors and accolades seem to be a way of life for direct seller Ambit Energy. And why not? The company was built to excel.

Mary Kay Inc.: Younger Every Day

by Barbara Seale

October 01, 2010

Mary Kay believes it: 40 is the new 30. Or in its case, 47 is the new 24 to 35.

Primerica: Creating Independence

by Barbara Seale

September 01, 2010

If the history of financial services direct seller Primerica were captured in a book, its latest chapter would have opened on April 1. For Primerica, that wasn’t April Fools’ Day. It was Independence Day—the day of its initial public offering (IPO), one of the most successful Wall Street has ever seen.

4Life: Balance of Power

by Lauri Dodd

August 02, 2010

Over the past 12 years, 4Life Research has built a global empire based upon a simple, yet vital, foundation of three equally important pillars.

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