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XanGo: Zeroing in on Explosive Growth

by Barbara Seale

July 02, 2010

Category creator XanGo has been a pioneer in so many areas that it could rest on its laurels. Instead, it’s rejoicing in a new wave of vigor, enthusiasm and growth.

ACN: Business Is Booming

June 02, 2010

How does a direct selling company continuously achieve record growth even after 17 years in business? Ask ACN. It’s breaking records in every category.

Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes was a visionary, but when he opened the trunk of his car to sell the first bottles of Formula 1, he probably had no idea that the company would grow to be one of the best-known direct selling companies in the industry, conducting business in 72 countries worldwide.

Scentsy: Selling the Scents of Success

by Barbara Seale

April 02, 2010

When the unique little company from Idaho burst onto the direct selling scene in July 2004, who could have predicted that Scentsy’s far-from-spectacular start would almost instantly transform into such a scent-illating story? Certainly not its founders.

Today, when Tahitian Noni International (TNI) executives talk about the scientific knowledge behind its flagship product, they’re using new language. The 14 years of calling it “Tahitian Noni® Juice” have passed. That’s because scientific research has revealed that Tahitian Noni is much more. It is actually a bioactive beverage.

Mannafest Destiny

by Brittany Glenn, with additional reporting by Nancy Laichas

February 02, 2010

In his book Twilight of the Idols, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.” Although Nietzsche was referring to the human journey, this same truth is embodied by companies that rise, fall and rise again. When faced with unexpected changes and assaults, a company may wither under the pressure or strengthen its resiliency. Although Mannatech has endured ups and downs, these changes have compelled the company to stand strong today.

Nu Skin at 25: Growing at the Speed of Innovation

by Barbara Seale with additional reporting by Nancy Laichas

January 02, 2010

How does a direct seller keep going strong—so strong that it keeps setting records quarter after quarter—for 25 years? Nu Skin has the answer.

Technology from Nature

by Barbara Seale

December 01, 2009

With its magnet technology leading the way, Nikken has been attracting consultants and customers from around the globe for 34 years.

Two Steps to Success

by Barbara Seale

November 01, 2009

Ardyss International is a different shape of wellness company. Its focus starts on the outside, with its body-reshaping undergarments, and then continues over time with nutrition and skincare products that keep users feeling great and looking great.

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