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Building Strategy for Future Growth

by Heather Martin

June 01, 2017

Whether you’ve been around the block, like Amway, or you’re relatively new in town, like Total Life Changes (TLC), direct selling was a good business to be in for 2016.

Beyond Outsourcing

by Heather Martin

May 01, 2017

Even if you run your own factory, manage your own warehouse and clean your own break room, chances are you’re still outsourcing something.

Best Places to Work in Direct Selling

by Courtney Roush

April 01, 2017

“Most people think trust is earned. Here, trust is granted. We wouldn’t have hired you if we didn’t trust you.”

Millennials and Direct Sales: An Ideal Collaboration

by Heather Martin

March 01, 2017

If America’s millennials were a country, they would be bigger than Great Britain. And France. And Canada.

Starter Kits: A New Consultant’s First Impression

by Courtney Roush

February 01, 2017

Imagine, if you will, that moment when a new independent representative opens a starter kit for the first time.

7 Trends to Watch: Direct Selling in 2017 & Beyond

by Courtney Roush

January 01, 2017

As we begin 2017, we can confidently assert that the state of direct selling remains strong.

The Rhythm of Events

by J.M. Emmert

December 01, 2016

Events are a crucial ingredient to direct selling.

Keys to Success Part 3: Salesforce Retention

by Andrea Tortora

November 01, 2016

When quitting the business is as simple as deciding not to share the product anymore, not to invest more time, not to face fear of rejection, motivating people to persevere becomes an essential component of success.

Keys to Success Part 2: Recruiting and Onboarding

by Andrea Tortora

October 01, 2016

Direct selling companies that excel at customer acquisition know how to execute on best practices that focus on creating quality products, communicating value, developing brand loyalty and tracking metrics.

Keys to Success Part 1: Customer Acquisition

by Andrea Tortora

September 01, 2016

Of all the misinformation about direct selling, perhaps the most often repeated—even by those who work most closely in the field—is the description of direct selling as an industry.

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