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A Relentless Pursuit

by Joseph N. Mariano

August 01, 2015

Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to discuss the Direct Selling Association’s (DSA’s) self-regulatory approach at a Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) forum that examined best practices and ideas from various industries.

As the rich cream rises to the top of a barrel of milk and is valued for its delightful taste, so too do the valuable and outstanding leaders of an industry rise to be recognized as prized and appreciated contributors.

Unleashing the Power of our People

by Paul Skowronek

June 01, 2015

In direct selling, people make all the difference. That isn’t a corporate or association cliché, it’s the backbone of our business model.

Responsible Self-Regulation

by Joseph N. Mariano

May 01, 2015

A few weeks after the Federal Trade Commission’s National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) hosted a panel discussion with top executives from three industries—advertising, distilled spirits and direct selling—to discuss the role of self-regulatory initiatives and their benefits to consumers.

On Reputation, Audience is Key

by Paul Skowronek

April 01, 2015

Prior to joining the Direct Selling Association (DSA) staff a little more than six months ago, most of my professional life in Washington, D.C., was devoted to public affairs and strategic communications consulting, where I helped large, highly regulated industries and companies make a compelling, value-driven case for themselves

Sharpening Our Focus; Securing Your Future

by Gary Huggins

March 01, 2015

Six months ago, I joined the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) as Executive Director, pledging to raise our visibility within the direct selling community to reinvigorate our effort to educate external constituencies about the value of the entrepreneurial opportunity associated with direct selling.

Like every industry, direct selling companies must compete for business, making product development, marketing and sales a highly competitive proposition, particularly at organizations that have business lines in common.

Ramping up for a New Year of Industry Research

by Ben Gamse

January 01, 2015

Management consultant Stephen Few said, “Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” This sentiment is no different for the direct selling industry.

The U.S. economy is strengthening in large part due to women’s advances in the workplace. According to McKinsey & Company, the additional productive power of women who have entered the workforce since 1970 accounts for about one-fourth of the current GDP.

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” Pericles made that statement in 430 B.C., but the Direct Selling Association is sending the same message today.

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