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Filling the Data Void

by Ben Gamse

January 01, 2017

A common observation among executives new to direct selling is that there is surprisingly little syndicated data available about the direct selling channel, as compared to other industries.

Doing the Right Thing

by Joseph N. Mariano

December 01, 2016

The direct selling channel, of which I have had the distinct honor of serving for more than three decades, can take justifiable pride in its tradition of upholding the most enviable of self-regulatory standards.

A Revolution for Our Time

by Joseph N. Mariano

November 09, 2016

With apologies to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, it actually is revolution, not evolution on the table. In this case, I’m referring to a revolution of ethics in direct selling.

In Tune with Today’s Entrepreneurs

by Joseph N. Mariano

October 01, 2016

As Americans seek ever greater autonomy over their working lives, the direct selling business model is perfectly structured to oblige.

Learning and Building on Collective Experience

by Joseph N. Mariano

September 01, 2016

The role of the U.S. Direct Selling Association (DSA) has never been more clear: to serve as a “listening post,” a place to collect, analyze and address the aspirations and concerns of the direct selling channel.

At the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s hugely successful 2016 Annual Meeting this June, I reported on some of the thoughts and observations shared with me throughout the year from direct selling executives, industry suppliers, members of the field, international peers and colleagues, investors, the press, policy makers and regulators.

New data from the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s 2016 Growth & Outlook Survey, which sizes the direct selling market in the United States, reports unprecedented growth in direct selling, in terms of both retail sales and the number of people involved.

Diversity and Empowerment: Strengthening Direct Selling

by Joseph N. Mariano

June 01, 2016

I truly believe that direct selling is the epitome of the American Dream: entrepreneurs from all walks of life striving to better themselves and improve the lives of their families by building a business of their own.

The theme for DSA’s Annual Meeting in Phoenix this year is Reimagine. I’ll provide some context.

The Opportunities and Risks of a New Economy

by Joseph N. Mariano

April 01, 2016

Long before social networking, direct selling brought individuals together in social settings to get great products and services into the hands of family, friends and others.

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