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The Opportunities and Risks of a New Economy

by Joseph N. Mariano

April 01, 2016

Long before social networking, direct selling brought individuals together in social settings to get great products and services into the hands of family, friends and others.

Partnership Holds the Key to Effective Self-Regulation

by Joseph N. Mariano

March 01, 2016

One of the best things about working with the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) is that I have been able to engage organizations from the educational, consumer protection and regulatory communities during the past 30 years.

One of the primary benefits of the U.S. Direct Selling Association (DSA) membership is our member-directed research program that provides unique insights and business intelligence about the direct selling channel you can’t find anywhere else.

Strength in Numbers: The Value of Association

by Nancy M. Burke

January 04, 2016

Did you know that, after the federal government, trade associations are the second-largest employer in the Washington, D.C., area? Despite this impressive fact, many people, however, actually do not know what a trade association is, or does. But we at DSA definitely do.

2015: A Year in Review

by Joseph N. Mariano

December 01, 2015

It’s hard to believe another year is about to come to a close.

Finding the right strategic partner to help a business grow and succeed is no easy task.

A Busy Fall at DSA

by Joseph N. Mariano

October 01, 2015

Last month, the Direct Selling Association (DSA) launched an important new collaboration with our members to share insights on the modifications to our Code of Ethics that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2016, and best practices in key areas of business ethics.

Building Our Brand With Policymakers

by Paul Skowronek

September 01, 2015

Smart companies that recognize the advantages of the direct selling channel in growing their businesses understand that building their brands around robust corporate social responsibility programs helps them establish legitimacy and trust with consumers, whose expectations continue to rise. 

A Relentless Pursuit

by Joseph N. Mariano

August 01, 2015

Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to discuss the Direct Selling Association’s (DSA’s) self-regulatory approach at a Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) forum that examined best practices and ideas from various industries.

As the rich cream rises to the top of a barrel of milk and is valued for its delightful taste, so too do the valuable and outstanding leaders of an industry rise to be recognized as prized and appreciated contributors.

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