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John Addison, now President and CEO of Addison Leadership Group and Leadership Editor for SUCCESS magazine, engages and inspires audiences with his relatable messages. Most recently, he served as Co-CEO of Primerica Inc., a company he joined more than 35 years ago. DSN Publisher and Editor in Chief Lauren Lawley Head had an opportunity to sit down with him this month to talk about his vision and the future of direct selling.

As the Vemma case unfolds, I grow increasingly concerned about the impact it could have on the industry’s future.

If Gen X workers began the erosion of the lifetime career by increasing the frequency with which they moved from company to company, millennials have completely obliterated it.

The Customer of Tomorrow

by DSN Staff

October 01, 2015

Direct selling as a channel of distribution has a rich history, one that some consider to track back thousands of years to the earliest days of human trading.

Building Momentum with John Addison

by John Addison

October 01, 2015

Direct selling is a momentum business, primarily because it grows through the enthusiasm and commitment of its volunteer armies.

The U.S. DSA Code of Ethics, which first went into effect in 1970, is the backbone of the self-regulation that our industry imposes upon itself.

2015 DSA Annual Meeting

by DSN Staff

July 01, 2015

The U.S. Direct Selling Association had a packed agenda for its Annual Meeting, which was held May 31 to June 2 in San Antonio.

Historically, the direct sales industry has flourished with a distributor “outbound” marketing approach—person-to-person selling. Under this model, it has been the independent distributors’ responsibility to promote their businesses, though this approach can produce fragmented messaging about the company and products.

The Rise of the Mission-Driven Marketplace

by Brian Knapp

March 01, 2015

Nearly fifty years ago, a black-and-white television series called Star Trek aired for the first time on TV sets across America.

Are We Winning?

by John Fleming

February 01, 2015

It’s hard to keep a scorecard on the direct selling industry! Those who tend to look for a way to criticize can always find something. Those of us who see within the industry and have the opportunity to interact with industry decision makers gain much insight and perspective.

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