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Evolving Your Brand for the Future

by Connie Tang

October 01, 2015

We all know that exercising, managing stress and controlling our diet can help us to slow down the aging process, but what do you do about an aging brand?

Equal Access to Equal Justice

by Jeff Bell

September 01, 2015

As I approach my first full year as Chief Executive Officer of LegalShield, I am awed by how quickly time has passed and how humbled I am to serve this great company and cause.

Success: Built from the Inside Out

by Greg Provenzano

August 01, 2015

As direct sellers, we have the opportunity—the privilege, really—to provide individuals with a vehicle that can drive incredible change in their lives, whether that definition of change is more time, more money or both.

Years ago I heard Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos say, “Never forget today is someone’s first day in business.” That is at the heart of my decision-making, and it has helped us grow despite inevitable changes in our corporate and sales field teams.

Taking Care of Your People So They Can Take Care of You

by Jere Thompson Jr.

February 01, 2015

When I was a graduate student at The University of Texas, I spent a month in Washington, D.C., learning about the federal government and how it works.

Focus, Focus, Focus

by Cindy and Scott Monroe

October 01, 2014

As our business has grown over the past several years, there has been one challenge that always seems to rear its head: focus.

At Rodan + Fields, when we made the decision to pivot from our department store marketing channel to direct sales, a great deal of consideration was given to protecting the brand equity that derived from our founders’ legacy in the skincare segment of the beauty industry.

Making Direct Selling a Dynamic Force for Good

by Douglas C. Robinson

July 24, 2014

The challenge is out there: Make direct selling a Dynamic Force for Good. Truman Hunt, newly seated Chairman for the Direct Selling Association, put forth this mantra when he outlined his vision for the coming year during the 2014 DSA Annual Meeting in Orlando earlier this summer.

Building Brand, Earning Trust

by Meredith Berkich

May 01, 2014

If a company has a clear understanding of the importance of brand identity, they will begin to unlock one of the most fundamental truths behind momentum. Knowing who you are, being recognizable and demonstrating transparency, is what earns the trust of customers and entrepreneurs alike.

We Don’t Need to Change Or Do We?

by John Parker

February 01, 2014

We’ve all heard that it’s lonely at the top, or that leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness. Many have embraced this notion, but I would invite them to closely study—and experience—how direct selling really works. It just might change their minds.

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