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Launching the XanGo Goodness Foundation…and a Challenge to You

by Bryan Davis, Co-Founder, XANGO

January 02, 2010

A Humble Beginning, an Enduring Commitment XanGo LLC started from quite modest beginnings. I recall the planning days back in 2002. XanGo’s founders—Joe Morton, Aaron Garrity, Gary Hollister, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood and myself—sitting around the conference table hammering out business details and making a commitment to giving back, just as soon as we turned our first profit.

Vision Is Not Enough

by Bill Shaw, CEO, Southern Living At Home and Entertaining at Home

December 01, 2009

Next month I’ll celebrate two important milestones—my 54th birthday and the 35th anniversary of the day I was recruited into direct selling by a man wearing a polyester leisure suit with white platform shoes.

Big Help for Small Business

by Orville Thompson, Founder, CEO, Scentsy Inc.

November 01, 2009

Scentsy’s Contribute 2009 Stimulates Local Economies

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