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Engagement with social media is becoming a critical factor in a company’s growth and sustainability. Our next generation of consultants and sales leaders finds communicating online more natural than speaking on the telephone.

The goal of leadership is to produce superior results on purpose, making leadership a results contest.

It’s About Time

by Francine Watkins

November 02, 2009

I was coaching a top party-plan sales leader recently, and she e-mailed me to ask if I would give her my opinion regarding the best use of her time. As a wife and mother (who home-schools her children) she is a master at organizing her personal life: assigning specific days for various home responsibilities, making sure her spouse and children get deserved attention, even squeezing in daily exercise. She also doesn’t hesitate to delegate—in both her personal and business life.

I have a good friend who has a hobby—well, more like a single-minded passion—for target shooting. As I’ve watched him over the years, I’ve often thought how MLM compensation plans are like target shooting. To make the analogy work for network marketing, picture a side-by-side double-barreled shotgun and two targets—one for enrollers and the other for sales leaders.

It’s a Jungle Out There Part 1

by Trey Cox, Eric Pinker and Chris Schwegmann

October 01, 2009

Protecting Your Name on the Internet Are you protected? Do you know what dangers lurk on the Internet jungle?

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