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Retention— Staying on TRACC

by Janice Mazibrook and Rainer Paul

March 01, 2010

The costs of acquisition and support for a new consultant are much larger than most realize. Focusing on improving retention can make a significant contribution to your bottom line and is well-worth the investment.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

by Kevin Young

February 01, 2010

Our industry is littered with people who gave up on their dreams of building a self-sustaining business because someone somewhere told them that network marketing just doesn’t work. In fact, having a person of influence speak negatively about their chosen profession is one of the leading causes of turnover within the ranks of independent consultants. They give up before they ever get going.

A Direct PR Message for Direct Sellers

by Kenneth Kracmer

February 01, 2010

Most salespeople understand that they need to get on the phone, yet days, months, even years go by (yes, years!) without them followinSuccessful direct selling companies have many things in common. They all have the ability to cultivate loyal customers, create effective sales programs that are appealing to the most people, and offer a mutually beneficial business opportunity to help enterprising entrepreneurs.

The 4 C’s of Succccess

by Jack Crowley

January 01, 2010

Jennifer was in her mid-30s and had a lot going for her. She was smart, with a good education and with what she thought was a promising future as a midlevel manager with her company. Then everything started to go wrong. Despite 10 years of hard work, long hours and lost weekends working at her firm, she was unceremoniously let go when the economic downturn began a year ago.

The Music of USANA’s New Shipping Line

by David Baker

January 01, 2010

When it kicks on, you can tell. Before, there is only silence. Silver rollers lay dormant. Boxes sit frozen on a long blue track. Computers blink as the circuitry stays in a holding pattern. Products remain tucked together on racks of pallets. There’s a hush over the 20,000 square feet of smooth concrete where USANA’s new shipping line lies in waiting—primed, ready.

It’s a Jungle Out There Part 2: Protecting Your Name on the Internet

by Trey Cox, Eric Pinker and Chris Schwegmann

December 01, 2009

In the first part of this series, we described the various ways your company, your salesforce and your good will can be at risk on the Internet.

Engagement with social media is becoming a critical factor in a company’s growth and sustainability. Our next generation of consultants and sales leaders finds communicating online more natural than speaking on the telephone.

The goal of leadership is to produce superior results on purpose, making leadership a results contest.

It’s About Time

by Francine Watkins

November 02, 2009

I was coaching a top party-plan sales leader recently, and she e-mailed me to ask if I would give her my opinion regarding the best use of her time. As a wife and mother (who home-schools her children) she is a master at organizing her personal life: assigning specific days for various home responsibilities, making sure her spouse and children get deserved attention, even squeezing in daily exercise. She also doesn’t hesitate to delegate—in both her personal and business life.

I have a good friend who has a hobby—well, more like a single-minded passion—for target shooting. As I’ve watched him over the years, I’ve often thought how MLM compensation plans are like target shooting. To make the analogy work for network marketing, picture a side-by-side double-barreled shotgun and two targets—one for enrollers and the other for sales leaders.

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