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Under a direct sales model, the success of any customer engagement hinges on two prime capabilities: ensuring a high level of customer confidence and gathering all of the information needed to close the deal at the point of sale.

The Reputation Imperative for the Direct Selling Industry

by Anthony Johndrow

January 01, 2014

Direct sellers have been engaged in social marketing for generations, but the relevance of having your mission, vision and values front and center in everything you do has never been more important than in today’s age of Internet-enabled consumers and unbridled social media, activist investors and short-sellers.

Is It Me? What May Be Holding Your Company Back

by Paul Adams

November 01, 2013

As a business leader are you creating all this new stuff, but in the end, it’s really just the same old thing repackaged and called “new”? Perhaps because you are so close to it you don’t see it that way.

The Technological Disruption of Direct Sales

by Gary White

November 01, 2013

Whether you like it or not, technology is playing a big part in our lives. It’s infiltrating and impacting our business practices, purchasing behavior and expectations.

The Power of Alignment

by Dan Chard

October 01, 2013

In some ways, my life is a bit of a contradiction. In less time than I care to admit, my children will be grown and move away from home. And yet, I work for one of the direct selling industry’s largest anti-aging companies—a company focused on helping people to “live young.”

Ramp Up Your Direct Selling Business with Mobile POS

by Patrick Crosson

September 01, 2013

By transforming smartphones and tablets into point of sale (POS) terminals, direct sellers are creating seamless shopping experiences for their customers and quickly achieving measurable ROI.

Two critical components of any direct selling organization are the brand and the consultants that represent it.

Commonly Asked Questions about Credit Card Processors

by Scott Fitzpatrick

July 01, 2013

Direct selling companies are constantly in motion; growing, exploding or sometimes shrinking. In general, they are always moving.

The human head weighs 8 pounds. But so what? Who cares? What really matters is what’s going on inside.

The Wonder Kid of Social Media

by Jim Lupkin

May 01, 2013

The definition of a wonder kid is a young person whose excellence in his or her discipline is appropriate to someone older and more experienced. In many ways, Zurvita is the wonder kid of social media.

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