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May 26, 2017

U.S. News

Bod-ē Pro Plans New Products, Asia-Pacific Launches

Bod-ē Pro, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based direct seller launched on March 7 by industry veteran BK Boreyko, will release two new products and expand into three Asia-Pacific markets over the three to six months.

Bod-ē Pro’s first product was its nootropic beverage, Bod-ē Happy, a specially formulated drink that promotes productivity and alertness and supports cognitive function. The company’s second product, Bod-ē Strong, was released April 15. It contains ultra-premium ingredients, including a full spectrum of antioxidants, powerful phytonutrients from mangosteen, curcumin, maca, green tea and aloe, along with plant-sourced ionic minerals to provide a foundation for wellness.

Over the next three months, Bod-ē Pro will release a clinically studied, anti-aging formula called Bod-ē Pro TEN, as well as Bee Happy, a natural, honey sweetened, lemon-lime version of its flagship strawberry-lemonade flavored product, Happy. On-the-go powder sachets of Bee Happy should be available in two months, and a ready-to-drink canned version in three months. A portion of Bee Happy sales will be donated to organizations committed to saving the honeybee population.

As for expansion plans, Bod-ē Pro just launched in Canada under an NFR (not for resale) program and will officially open the market this fall. In addition, the company plans to expand into Hong Kong within three months, and into Taiwan and Japan in the next six months.

Bod-ē Pro capitalizes on traditional networking, internet marketing and social media viral influence’ by using existing platforms to deliver unique and highly consumable products direct to consumers. The company deploys technology and a fulfillment infrastructure, along with an app containing a suite of features, empowering the micro influencer with the ability to turn their social media platforms into a social marketplace.