July 30, 2015

U.S. News

Stream Awards First Batch of Teslas to Top Associates

Stream is taking its car bonus program to the next level with the creation of a new National Director position for top-performing Associates. This week, the home services provider presented an electric-powered Tesla Model S to each of its qualifying National Directors.

A brand-new vehicle is a popular recognition tool that appears in many forms across the industry, from LifeVantage’s Jeep Wrangler to Mary Kay’s signature pink Cadillac, which even has its own Twitter account. Dallas-based Stream is the first direct selling company to tap Silicon Valley automaker Tesla Motors—a fitting choice for a brand built on an innovative approach to marketing energy.

“We always strive to reward our Associates with phenomenal perks for their dedication and hard work,” Stream’s President and CEO, Mark “Bouncer” Schiro, said in a statement. “Like Tesla, Stream is committed to innovation and revolutionary ideas, so the decision to offer an all-electric Tesla was a perfect match.”

The seven-seat Model S sedan is the only model currently marketed by Tesla. Following its introduction in June 2012, the newcomer earned a slew of awards, such as Time’s Best Inventions of the Year 2012, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, and the top score ever from Consumer Reports magazine. Tesla plans to introduce a new premium electric vehicle, the Model X crossover, this fall.