April 18, 2014

U.S. News

MonaVie Leads Utah Businesses in Trademark Innovation

In its mission statement, health and wellness company MonaVie includes helping people experience “healthy living through innovative products,” and that innovative spirit recently won the company top honors at the 2014 Utah Genius Awards. The awards recognize the leading minds behind Utah’s creative economy, including the state’s top inventors and top companies by patents issued and trademarks registered.

Brian GillLast year MonaVie registered 18 new trademarks, more than any other business in the state. Vice President of Communications Brian Gill told DSN the achievement came about as a natural extension of MonaVie’s mission. “We study the way our communities interact, what they need and want, and then create products and services to intersect with them at various points,” Gill explains.

As MonaVie’s offerings have expanded to meet the needs of consumers, so too has its trademark count. The company has been named the state’s top registrant each consecutive year since 2011. Utah Genius, begun in 2009 by a local patent attorney, bases its ranking upon objective statistics from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In total, MonaVie has obtained 82 registered trademarks.

Pictured left: Brian Gill (Photo credit: MonaVie)