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January 04, 2016

Publisher's Note

2016: A Year of Innovation

by Lauren Lawley Head

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Lauren Lawley Head Publisher and Editor in Chief

Some may say it’s too early to designate a theme for the new year, but I believe it’s already clear that innovation will be a common thread woven throughout the next 12 months. The cover story for this month’s issue takes a deep dive into one of the many innovation drivers we’ll see in 2016: the establishment of the Social Age. New technologies and social media platforms are transforming the way consumers and entrepreneurs communicate, and that pace of change does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. USANA’s Chief Information Officer, Rick Stambaugh, shares in this month’s cover story, beginning on Page 20, that he considers this time in history as a time of “Digital Humanism,” in which social dominates the consumer-driven Internet of things.

Many companies are doing exciting things in the channel, and we are fortunate to be able to bring you three of those stories in this edition. Le-Vel first came on the scene in 2012, introducing the world of direct selling to the concept of a cloud-based company. The innovation didn’t stop there, and just a few years later the team has built a $350 million business still in growth mode. A few hours south from Le-Vel’s Dallas-area headquarters is Noonday Collection, a party plan company based out of Austin and dedicated to maintaining a high-touch approach to its supply chain even as demand continues to ramp up for its products. Founders and Co-CEOs Jessica Honegger and Travis Wilson continue to meet personally with their 30 artisan suppliers scattered across the globe to bring high-quality, handcrafted jewelry and accessories to the marketplace. It can be difficult to scale, but the largest suppliers now produce 10,000 pieces a month and provide financial support to hundreds of people in their communities. Our third company feature this month will introduce you to one of the newest entrants to the channel: Miami-based MONAT Global, a haircare products company launched in 2014. In MONAT, we see the founders of L’eudine take their direct selling experience and branch out into a new product category and consumer demographic.

We’ll be telling even more of these stories of innovation as 2016 progresses, and we want to invite you to become part of the process. Research work for the Direct Selling News Global 100 and North America 50 project is underway, and it is important that we hear from your company. Each year, this list shines a spotlight on the businesses making the biggest impact in the channel, either through their established prowess or their fast growth, and provides a window into the important role direct selling plays in business today. To make sure your company is a part of this special project, visit our website,, or send me an email to connect with our research team.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and innovative 2016!

Lauren Lawley Head
Publisher and Editor in Chief

P.S. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Global 100 celebration: April 7 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas!