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August 02, 2010

Company Spotlight

4Life: Balance of Power

by Lauri Dodd

Targeting Better Science

Overseeing the creation of 4Life Transfer Factor Targeted Products is an esteemed group of experts in the health and wellness field. Each one brings their own specialized skills to the process of furthering the Transferceutical Sciences.

At the helm of the in-house research and development team is 4Life Chief Scientific Officer Calvin McCausland, Ph.D. The team works closely with an outside Health Science Advisory Board, highly trained and degreed specialists, including immunologists, microbiologists, M.D.s, Ph.D.s and holistic practitioners.

The 4Life Transfer Factor products work to support the immune system in a unique, yet extremely effective way. The basis of the science of transfer factors is that they work at the cellular level to tap into your body’s natural ability to learn to protect itself. The transfer factors essentially help train your body’s immune system how to recognize, respond to and remember specific health threats. In so doing, the Targeted Transfer Factor products not only offer superior support for your immune system, but also deliver advanced antioxidant protection and more of the vital nutrition your body needs to get healthier and stay that way.

The science dates back to 1949, when immunologist Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered that white blood cells from a donor could transfer an immune response to a recipient. When they uncovered the research almost half a century later, David and Bianca Lisonbee knew this was vital information that needed to be utilized, and they worked quickly to bring a product to market. They patented a revolutionary process for extracting transfer factors, and the resulting product has brought greater levels of health and well-being to people everywhere.

Over the past 12 years, 4Life Research has built a global empire based upon a simple, yet vital, foundation of three equally important pillars.

We spend so many waking hours working that many of us look to our jobs for fulfillment. Smart companies aim to provide “more” for people and help them discover it in myriad ways. In fact, it is pretty much a primary underlying principle of the direct selling industry—helping people do more, achieve more, be more than they ever thought possible.

Admittedly, it is a challenge to inspire, motivate and even train people to achieve success. Whether it is financial freedom, better health or personal satisfaction one craves, it is not often that they can find it all in one place. But for years now, a growing number of people have been finding the total package with 4Life Research. And at their 12-year mark, this industry leader is just getting started.

The Power of Three

From the beginning, 4Life Research has measured everything they do by their three pillars—science, success and service. The first pillar, the science behind the company’s Transfer Factor products, has been time-tested and proven to be effective at helping people feel better, get healthier and stay that way. The second pillar, the success of their distributors, is of the utmost importance, and weighs heavily in every decision the company makes. And the third pillar, the service component, shapes who 4Life Research is as a company. It is only with all three pillars that the company is truly complete. “The legacy of 4Life, as well as the opportunity our distributors give to people around the world, is based on unparalleled science, success and service,” says 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee.

The interesting thing is that one pillar does not supersede the others. Instead, 4Life’s uniqueness springs from the balance of the three. “Our three pillars are equally weighted,” says 4Life President Steve Tew. “We are a product-oriented company that has a focus on the success of our distributors. And the third pillar of service completes the circle and makes us a well-rounded company.”

The idea of placing equal importance on three distinct areas of focus goes back to the original vision that David and Bianca Lisonbee had for the company. They wanted to create a haven where people could prosper by helping others discover better health, using products backed by sound science, all the while working to serve those in need.

“It has never been just science for science’s sake,” says 4Life Vice President of Communications Calvin Jolley. “It has always been about empowering our distributors with efficacious products to share with their family and friends.” And then, from there, share the fruits of their labor with those less fortunate around the world. The formula, in all its simplicity, quickly adds up to a major success, no matter which way you look at it.

Starting with Science

Back in 1997, David and Bianca Lisonbee made a discovery that would change the way we view wellness forever. Although the research they uncovered was nearly 50 years old at the time, the key elements were still not common knowledge. And yet the laboratory studies the Lisonbees found addressed some of our most pressing health concerns. Already passionate about helping others, the couple knew immediately that they needed to put this science to work as soon as possible.

Within the next year, they had formulated the first Transfer Factor product, and 4Life Research was on its way to becoming the respected brand we know today. The foundation that was built in those early days firmly cemented a solid reputation for 4Life Research that continues to ring true. “Science is part of our process,” Tew says. “4Life distributors know this about every product we launch.”

As one may gather from the name, 4Life Research has a strong emphasis on research and science. Maybe because of this, the company’s rise to success was not immediate. “We’ve built our business around the world at a steady, consistent pace,” Tew says. “Our success didn’t come to fruition as quickly as some opportunities, but we definitely created a solid foundation that got us to where we are today.”

Solutions 4Life

In the years since the first Transfer Factor product launched, 4Life Research has pioneered the unique field of transferceuticals, which the company has deemed as “the category of products that educate your immune system to recognize, respond to and remember potential threats.” What it amounts to is a series of molecules, or immune-system building blocks, which are used in 4Life products to help people become healthier.

Ongoing independent research backs up the science of transfer factors. “Our scientifically proven Transfer Factor products help people keep their immune systems operating in as close to peak performance as possible,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing Trent Tenney.

Unmatched in their dedication to bring transfer factor science to the forefront of our attention, a team of experts at 4Life ensures they will always stay on top of the latest innovations. The company’s research and development team works together with their Health Sciences Advisory Board to keep 4Life on the leading edge of advancements in the field. This esteemed group of professionals, working tirelessly to improve the efficacy of 4Life products, brings an added layer of credibility and peace of mind that ultimately leads to business success. “Distributors are always evaluating product efficacy to determine the value of the opportunity,” Jolley says.

4Life realizes that it is not only in the business of improving people’s physical health, but also concerned about financial wellness. To this company, the two go hand in hand. “We like to focus on solutions rather than problems,” Tew says. “We present solutions for people to become healthier and to control their own financial destiny, and then help to improve the lives of others as well.”

Steve Tew, 4Life President (left) with David Lisonbee, 4Life Founder and CEO and his wife Bianca Lisonbee, 4Life Co-Founder.Steve Tew, 4Life President (left) with David Lisonbee, 4Life Founder and CEO and his wife Bianca Lisonbee, 4Life Co-Founder.

Driven by People

4Life Research has a saying: “Together, building people.” This speaks volumes about the mission and focus of the company so motivated by science. While there’s great emphasis placed on the products, it’s once again balanced by the other pillars of success and service. And those pillars are clearly driven first and foremost by the people who give 4Life its purpose. “Relationships drive success at 4Life and empower our distributors,” says Co-Founder Bianca Lisonbee.

“It’s easy to point to areas where 4Life excels, but we can’t overlook the people,” Tew says. “It’s the people who differentiate our brand—our founders, our corporate employees, and our unrivaled distributors in the field.”

Whether building people up with better physical and financial well-being or spiritually through service to others, it all harks back to the original desire the founders had to make a difference on a grand scale. “The Lisonbees had been involved with other companies in the past; together they have 40 years of experience in the direct selling industry,” Tenney says. “However, they drew from their experience to make 4Life Research different. We value people for their contributions at every level.”

Launching a Legacy

If it’s people who drive 4Life Research, the thing that fuels them is their passion for service. Helping others become healthier and wealthier is a lofty goal, to be sure. But in many ways for 4Life Research, it serves as a conduit for an even greater cause—to help others who are less fortunate to have a better way of life.

“We started 4Life to share transfer factor science with the world,” Bianca Lisonbee says. “As a result, we’ve realized our lifelong dream of making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

The third pillar of service shapes the company and breathes life into its culture. Through their humanitarian effort Foundation 4Life, the passion for helping others has become integral to what they do and who they are as a company. It permeates the entire organization, from the top executives to the newest distributors in the field, establishing a sense of purpose around which 4Life revolves.

Most important, it is not just some fancy idea that they will get to at some point. “The Lisonbees fostered that culture of service from the get-go with 4Life,” Tew says. “It resonates in everything we do as a company and in every decision we make. They wanted to truly make a difference in the lives of others, and so they created a culture that attracted people who had a similar vision.”

In keeping with their mission of service to others, 4Life Research will soon step it up to the next level. This fall, 4Life Research launches 4Life Fortify, a new product formulated specifically to combat hunger and malnutrition in populations that need it most. The nutritional meal packs are designed to meet the needs of young children, and will be sent to orphanages everywhere. “Each pack contains a meal of rice, lentils and beans combined with vitamins, minerals and Transfer Factor immune system support,” Tenney says. “In addition to being healthier overall, the children are going to love 4Life Fortify, because it tastes amazing!”

Once purchased, the packs will be donated to children in orphanages to help them attain the vital nutrition they need to live happy, healthy lives. On this new humanitarian project, Foundation 4Life is working in conjunction with the Feed the Children organization to ensure the products get to the children who need them most.

Advancing Toward Tomorrow

The market has spoken. Companies that are growing today have a commitment to scientific quality. Consumers are much more educated than they were in the past, and they are demanding excellence in their products. For that reason, 4Life is among the most successful companies within the direct selling industry and beyond.

In spite of a global recession that continues to linger on, 4Life Research is growing at a record-setting pace. The company opened three new offices in 2010 and has plans to open a number more in the upcoming year. The company was recently featured on the Direct Selling News Top 100 Companies list. While many companies have faltered in these tough times, 4Life Research, instead, has thrived.

4Life Research has offices in 19 international countries with the most recent opening of an office in Quito, Ecuador, and conducts business in more than 50 countries around the world.

Although they are always looking ahead, 4Life executives remain committed to the same basic principles that have served them so well over the past decade. “4Life Research has grown organically over the past 12 years,” Jolley says. “It started in the living room of David and Bianca Lisonbee—in much the same way we ask distributors to grow their businesses as well. So there is continuity between 4Life’s origin and where we are today.”

It always comes back to the balance so firmly rooted in the 4Life culture. “At 4Life, we can’t talk about science, success or service independently, because each supports the other to balance our overall value proposition,” Tenney says. That unwavering commitment to balance has helped the company overcome many challenges over the past decade, and will undoubtedly pave the way for an even more successful future.