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December 01, 2016

Publisher's Note

Closing Out Another Year of Great Achievement

by Lauren Lawley Head

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It’s been a dynamic year for the direct selling community. We’ve seen increased regulatory scrutiny in the U.S., the world’s largest direct selling market, alongside economic pressures in some key global markets. Mobile technology continues to drive the way consumers make purchases and connect with the world around them, and shoppers push for ever increasing speed when it comes to product delivery. And all the while, the channel as a whole continues to grow. New companies are emerging in the marketplace, drawn to a distribution channel that offers a combination of personalized recommendations and service along with the benefits of today’s do-business-anywhere technology. A new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs is recognizing that opportunity and saying yes to direct selling as an appealing part of the YouEconomy.

In this edition of Direct Selling News, you’ll find this theme of optimism in the midst of change pulse through many of our stories. Writer J.M. Emmert sets the beat with our cover story, “The Rhythm of Events,” which highlights the key components of a successful event strategy. Then, writer Courtney Roush takes us inside two extraordinary companies in the Company Spotlight story on Florida-based It Works! and the Company Focus story on Utah-based jewelry company Plunder Design. It Works! marked its 15th anniversary this year, and Plunder Design is a relative newcomer, but both companies share a can-do spirit that extends from the corporate team into the sales field. “If they want something, I hope that they feel motivated to fight for it,” Plunder Design Founder and CEO Hillary Adams says of her children, whom helped inspire her business. “They need to accept accountability for their lives and refuse to settle for other people’s leftovers.”

From the team at Direct Selling News, best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a successful close to 2016. And, as you turn the page on 2016, watch for our communications regarding our annual Global 100 project. We will begin the research process for determining the 2017 list of the largest direct selling companies in the world in the next few weeks, and we would love to include your company. This is an outstanding opportunity to celebrate the impact direct selling has around the world and to shine a spotlight on this year’s biggest achievements.

As you head into the new year, consider this thought from It Works! Founder and CEO Mark Pentecost: “Most people live defensively, waiting for things to happen to them, but we aren’t most people. …When you’re on the offense, you score and get to celebrate. If you’re living on the defensive, you’re just trying to prevent others from scoring.” 

All the best,
Lauren Lawley Head
Publisher and Editor in Chief