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June 01, 2010

DSA News

CONGRATULATIONS, Direct Selling Association!

Congratulations DSA

As the Direct Selling Association celebrates 100 years, a grateful industry thanks you for your service, your assistance and your dedication.

“Armed with a strong mission created by some very significant pioneers and leaders, the DSA has always been there to protect, serve and promote direct selling.”

    —John Fleming, Publisherand Editor in Chief, Direct Selling News
“We do not leave a meeting without taking with us some real information.”
    —J. Rosenblum, Princess Silk Mills, 1930 DSA Annual Meeting

“This year is a time for all of us to reflect on our past, renew old friendships, consider the opportunities that lie in our future, and, most importantly, honor what we’ve accomplished as an association, as an industry, as businesses and as individuals.”
—Tom Kelly, Senior Vice President, Global Sales Model Evolution and Industry Relations, Avon Products Inc.