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June 22, 2017

World News

Direct Selling Continues to Show Sustained Growth in Europe

Strong sales in wellness and cosmetics/personal care products helped the European direct selling sector continue to grow in 2016, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and the European Direct Selling Association (Seldia). European sales reached €32.9 billion (euros), up 3 percent from €32.3 billion in 2015.

Europe is the third-largest direct selling market globally, with a 20 percent share of sales. The region has seen a steady upward trend in direct sales for the last few years and is forecasted to continue growing, according to Euromonitor International’s report, “Direct Selling and Communities in the Internet Age.” In 2016, the sector saw increased growth rates across the vast majority of European markets, with Germany, France and the U.K. as the top direct selling countries:

Germany € 14.3 billion 
France € 4.1 billion
U.K. € 3.5 billion 
Italy € 2.8 billion
Poland< €1 billion

“We are happy to see such positive developments for direct selling in Europe,” said Seldia’s Executive Director Katarina Molin. “While retail remains a very competitive sector where consumer demands and choice continues to advance, the growth of direct selling shows that the sales channel, which offers direct and personal recommendations to the consumer, is a highly appreciated way of shopping.”

For the first time, wellness products are the top product category in Europe, followed by cosmetics and personal care. The breakdown of sales per product category was:

Wellness 32%
Cosmetics and Personal Care 25%
Household Goods 12%
Home Improvement 9%
Clothing and Accessories 9%
Home Care 4%
Food and Beverages 4%
Books & Toys 3%
Utilities 2%

“We are seeing an increased consumer focus on health and beauty across all age groups,” said Molin. “Direct selling has proven to be a trusted channel for consumers looking to combine a focus on a healthy lifestyle with both high-quality skincare and nutritional products, and we expect to see continued strong growth in these product categories over the next couple of years.”

Visit for further details on the 2016 European direct selling statistics.