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February 01, 2015

Executive Announcements

Executive Announcements, February 2015

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Primerica Leadership Shifts to Next Generation

Glenn Williams, currently Primerica’s President, was recently named the company’s new CEO as part of Primerica’s management succession plan. With this appointment, Williams will take on the role at this time split between Co-CEOs Rick Williams and John Addison.

With Williams’ promotion, effective April 2015, the longtime Primerica leaders will remain members of the board, holding non-executive positions.

DSN spoke with Glenn Williams and John Addison to discuss the succession process, the legacy of the company and its future.

John Addison

DSN: How did company leadership choose Glenn Williams as successor?

Addison: Glenn has served as Rick’s and my “right-hand man” for the past 15 years, and served as President for 10 of those years. He grew up in our company and understands our business as well as anyone I can think of. Over the years, we have developed a unique culture at Primerica, and one key aspect of that is developing the next generation of strong leaders across the company. I’ve often said that there’s no success without successors, and Glenn’s career path demonstrates that our program works. Glenn has all of the skills necessary to be successful as our next CEO: great leadership ability, impeccable integrity, and he knows and loves Primerica. He’s the ideal leader to take over at this point in our company’s history.

John AddisonJohn Addison
Rick WilliamsRick Williams
Glenn WilliamsGlenn Williams

DSN: What kind of legacy do you feel you will leave behind?

Addison: Without a doubt, the thing I’m most proud of is how we responded when the country’s recent financial crisis occurred. At that time, Primerica was a part of Citigroup, which was at the epicenter of the crisis. By fighting for our business and fighting for the thousands of family businesses that comprise Primerica, we were able to separate our company from Citi in a healthy, positive way. As a result, we’re able to give thousands of entrepreneurs the chance to build a “company within a company,” and create a business that will last for generations and make a tremendous impact on the lives of people throughout North America.

Glenn Williams

DSN: What are your goals as CEO?

Williams: I’m fortunate to take over the reins when the company’s in outstanding condition. The strategic direction set by John and Rick has positioned us for continued growth, and we’re riding a strong wave of momentum right now. My goal is for us to capitalize on that momentum and accelerate our success.

There are several ways we will accelerate the pace of positive change. Most importantly, we can continue to enhance the Primerica opportunity for our representatives by continuing to improve our incentive programs and improve our salesforce’s cash flow. We can accelerate our success by enhancing our award-winning technological offerings, which enable our representatives to be more effective in growing their businesses and serving their clients. And, we’re going to focus more of our attention on the millennial market. From the research I’ve seen, most millennials haven’t chosen their financial services provider—Primerica can and should fill that role.

DSN: What have John Addison and Rick Williams done to set Primerica up for success?

Williams: For the past 15 years, Primerica has had two of the best business leaders I’ve ever known running this company. In fact, they’re the longest-serving CEOs in our company’s history. John and Rick realized long ago that our company would be successful if we focused on distribution and increasing the size of our salesforce. They’re also responsible for our successful IPO, which was one of the top IPOs of 2010. This critical change allowed us to control our own destiny and has set our company on a growth trajectory.

DSN: How have they inspired you?

Williams: I’ve worked with both John and Rick for more than 30 years, including the past decade in my capacity as President. It would be an understatement to say that they are both role models for me—it goes way beyond that. I received a phenomenal business education from working with John and Rick, but I also developed strong friendships with both of them. They are men of great character and integrity, and they both have served as shining examples of how to conduct themselves professionally and personally. They’re great leaders, but also great people, and working closely with them has been a highlight of my career.

Jeff BellJeff Bell
Kathy PinsonKathy Pinson
Don WestDon West
Keri NorrisKeri Norris
Darnell SelfDarnell Self
Steve WilliamsonSteve Williamson

LegalShield Creates New Office of the Chief Executive

» In his first six months at LegalShield, CEO Jeff Bell has restructured the company’s top leadership and created an Office of the Chief Executive (OCE) to streamline communication between key areas of the business. The legal services provider is gearing up for future growth, particularly with enhanced digital support of its sales associates and clients.

The OCE comprises LegalShield’s new COO, Kathy Pinson; CFO Steve Williamson; Don West, Vice President of Human Resources and Leadership Development, and two newly created roles: Executive Vice President of Network and Business Development, Darnell Self; and Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and General Counsel, Keri Norris.

“These changes are made in an effort to better support LegalShield’s present and future growth strategies,” said Bell. “…Our management structure is cleaner, and it brings more clarity on accountability and authority for us to do what we need to do.”

Global Growth Encourages 4Life Promotions for 2015

Manny CastilloManny Castillo
Deborah DixonDeborah Dixon
Teressa StreetTeressa Street
Rick EastmanRick Eastman
Jenny BeanJenny Bean
Dr. David VollmerDr. David Vollmer

4Life Research has announced that Manny Castillo has been named General Manager of Peru, which opened as 4Life’s 16th international office in 2009. In this new role he will support the business growth of the company’s network of distributors and contribute to 4Life’s strategic growth plan for 2015 and into the future.

Originally from Trujillo, Peru, Castillo joined the marketing department of 4Life Research in 2009 as an international marketing manager. In 2011, he took a role in the international department as a market coordinator for the countries of Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

In the corporate office, new vice presidents include Deborah Dixon as Vice President of Field Development for Spanish Markets, Teressa Street as Vice President of Quality Assurance, and David Vollmer, Ph.D., as Vice President of Analytical and Quality Services.

Dixon’s new responsibilities include collaborating with Spanish-speaking distributors to develop relationships and achieve business objectives in the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and Central America. Street will oversee the strategic development and tactical implementation of 4Life’s quality systems. Dr. Vollmer’s team will ensure that all quality testing at 4Life complies with worldwide regulatory requirements for dietary supplements, nutritionals and cosmetics. 

In addition, new 4Life directors include Jenny Bean as Director of International, and Rick Eastman as Director of Technical Support. Bean will provide operational direction to support Chinese-speaking distributors through the company’s Hong Kong and Taiwan offices. Whereas, Eastman will oversee operational support for technical assistance to 4Life’s global headquarters as well worldwide international offices in 24 countries.

New foru President Targets Growth

Sharon Morgan TahaneySharon Morgan Tahaney

» As foru International enters its third year of business, the skincare and nutrition company is welcoming a familiar face to its executive team. Foru has named Sharon Morgan Tahaney successor to company President Karl Krummenacher, who came on board when foru Holdings acquired the business in 2012.

Tahaney has held other executive leadership positions during her direct selling career, including a stint as president of foru predecessor GeneWize Life Sciences. Like foru, GeneWize marketed personalized nutrition products based upon an individual’s DNA results. Tahaney joined GeneWize just 8 months after the company launched in 2007. Prior to serving as president, she headed up the brand’s marketing efforts.

With the team at foru, Tahaney has developed a five-year plan that includes 100 percent growth in 2015, strategic philanthropic efforts, taking DNA swabs of 1 million people, and a DSN Global 100 ranking by 2020. Having laid out a clear vision for the company, Tahaney says her primary goal is “to keep us focused on the mission critical, not every new shiny thing that comes along.”

Susan M. ArmstrongSusan M. Armstrong

Nature’s Sunshine Announces New COO

Nature’s Sunshine Products Inc. announced the appointment of Susan M. Armstrong as Chief Operations Officer. Armstrong has previously served in the role of Executive Vice President, Operations with Nature’s Sunshine since joining the company in March 2013. In addition to her current responsibilities of manufacturing and worldwide distribution, she will also assume responsibility for the corporate IT function.

Prior to joining Nature’s Sunshine, Armstrong served as Senior Vice President, Value Chain at Metagenics, a manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements and medical foods. At Metagenics, she was responsible for creating a new Value Chain team that spanned the entire end-to-end process to drive value to the customer as a result of internal collaboration.

Adrienne MurphyAdrienne Murphy

Winnie & Kat Announces New Hire

» Winnie & Kat, a women’s contemporary clothing brand, announced that it has hired Adrienne Murphy as Director of Sales and Leadership Development. Murphy brings 10 years of experience growing direct sales party plan companies. She has produced positive revenue results for those companies with her high energy and results-driven training methods, focusing on peak individual performance. Murphy is currently based in Kansas City and will travel to and from the home office, as well as visit Stylists in the field.

Seth SaundersSeth Saunders

Blendfresh Enters Industry

» Blendfresh LLC, a health and wellness startup providing nutrition through pure whole-food products, has hired Seth Saunders as their Vice President of Communication, Training and Recognition. Saunders has over 17 years of executive level experience in direct selling that covers a number of areas including, sales, marketing, communications, training and development, administration, operations, and information technology.

SUCCESS Partners Establishes New Position of Chief Brand Officer

Wayne MooreheadWayne Moorehead

» SUCCESS Partners, a marketing and branding partner to the direct selling industry, announced that Wayne Moorehead has joined the company as Chief Brand Officer. The newly created position allows the company to meet the growing demand for brand strategy within the industry.

Moorehead brings a depth of experience in marketing and branding to the role. He has more than a decade of experience in the industry, holding significant marketing roles such as Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, Senior Vice President of Marketing, and most recently as Chief Marketing Officer.

The breadth of his marketing experience also includes positions with New York-based creative agency Case and Hint Creative.

Moorehead will be based in Salt Lake City, where he will work closely with Partners to develop and strengthen brand image, experience and promise.

“I’ve admired and respected Wayne for over a decade,” notes SUCCESS Partners CEO, Owner and Founder Stuart Johnson. “He has done some of the most exceptional branding work in the industry. He’ll be an important part of our efforts to fulfill the visions of our Partners and the millions of entrepreneurs they serve.”

Wixon Hires New Controller

» Wixon, a company that has a 100-year history of providing seasonings, flavors and technologies for the food and beverage industry, has announced Jenny Vonckx as Controller. In her new role, Vonckx is responsible for managing the company’s accounting department, including financial reporting, implementing business policies and procedures, and strategic financial planning. She reports to Wixon’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Caputa.

Prior to joining Wixon, Vonckx spent nearly five years as a Controller for several business segments of Jason Inc. and five years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, both based in Milwaukee.