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April 19, 2016

U.S. News

Gut Check: Nature’s Sunshine Program Targets Underlying Health Issues

Nature’s Sunshine Products Inc. during its National Convention this weekend launched IN.FORM, a patent-pending program designed to boost metabolism through a healthy gut.

IN.FORM takes a holistic approach to health, integrating a food plan, exercise, and other lifestyle changes with targeted nutrition products. The regimen includes a probiotic and a high-protein meal replacement shake with prebiotic fiber to promote gut health, as well as a multivitamin, fish oils, and an antioxidant supplement to keep cholesterol in check.

“New scientific research is deepening our understanding of how poor metabolic function affects overall health,” the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Matthew Tripp, said in a statement. “We designed the IN.FORM program to target gut health and to comprehensively address cardiometabolic function at its roots.”

A clinical study of the program, approved by an independent review board, was conducted at the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, which Nature’s Sunshine opened in March 2015. Compared to a control group that simply followed the diet, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations, participants who also received IN.FORM’s targeted supplements saw—on average—65 percent more fat loss, 56 percent more weight loss, and even greater improvements in other key heart health indicators.