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November 28, 2017

U.S. News

LifeVantage Legacy Continues to Support Hurricane-Affected Areas

Following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, LifeVantage Corp. focused its philanthropic efforts toward delivering critical supplies and money to distributors and residents in the affected areas in Texas, Florida and The Caribbean, among others.

“LifeVantage Legacy has a long history of helping people when and where they need it most,” said Michelle Oborn, Senior Vice President, Human Resources. “As soon as the hurricanes started making landfall, we knew we had to help. The first step was identifying some of the greatest needs on the ground. We wanted to send the right kind of help and give people the supplies that they desperately needed.”

In the hours following Hurricane Harvey, LifeVantage corporate headquarters converted LifeVantage Legacy’s donation page into a hurricane fundraising vehicle, and hundreds of distributors sprang into action, raising more than $20,000—a sum that headquarters matched.

“It was amazing to see our distributors rally to support each other, as well as complete strangers who were affected by the hurricanes,” said LifeVantage President and CEO Darren Jensen. “There’s a lot of good in this world, and we built LifeVantage Legacy to bring some of that good front and center.”

To date, the funds raised by LifeVantage Legacy have provided living expenses and basic critical needs, including solar power, clean water, medical and hygiene supplies, and food. And because thousands of Puerto Ricans remain without power or access to clean water, LifeVantage has announced that it will continue providing supplies and financial support.