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September 01, 2010

DSA News

Making a Difference, If Ever So Quietly

Lindner and O'Neil

The Direct Selling Association community recently suffered the loss of two devoted servants of the industry: DSA Vice President of Finance Kathy Lindner and DSA Vice President of Research Eileen O’Neill. Between them, they worked for DSA for nearly 65 years. Along the way, they impacted many lives, both directly and indirectly. They were friends and colleagues to many and will be sorely missed.

Yet, for all the lives they impacted, their individual contributions will never be known by most, because they each played an important role in a much larger effort—an ongoing effort to make sure the 16 million direct sellers in the United States and the tens of millions around the world are able to work and achieve their goals through direct selling.

We can impact others, even quietly.

It is people like Kathy and Eileen who work tirelessly for a cause and, at the same time, find personal fulfillment in the work they do to help others. There are thousands of these individuals working in the direct selling community—right now. Whether it’s the aspiring group leader who mentors new recruits and encourages them when they might otherwise quit, or the warehouse shipping clerk who fulfills last-minute orders, or the company executive who plans recognition and incentive programs to encourage sellers to reach for the next level, these are the people who are making a difference—and without whom direct selling would likely not exist.

Take some time to look around you and consider the ways those in your circle of influence impact others. Look beyond that for which they are lauded, recognize the little things that may go unnoticed and sing their praises.

Kathy and Eileen are no longer among us physically, but the loss is not absolute, because their impact remains. We hope they understood the role they were playing in a much larger story, and perhaps it will help the rest of us to recognize the ways we do and can impact others, even if it’s ever so quietly.