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January 10, 2017

U.S. News

Millions of Scentsy Customers Vote to ‘Bring Back My Bar’

Scentsy is giving customers a happy start to the new year with a limited-time revival of some beloved products.

Everyone knows the feeling, when a favorite product disappears from the shelves, discontinued by the manufacturer, leaving one adrift and in search of a viable alternative. At Scentsy, the brand known for its wickless warmers and wax fragrance bars, this unceremonious end is a natural part of the product life cycle, but that does not make the parting any easier for loyal customers.

For several years the Scentsy team would look at sales data and simply discontinue underperforming fragrances to make room for new offerings, meaning that with the exception of a few core products, no fragrance was safe. New releases might keep customers coming back for more, but this strategy inevitably left some disappointed. The phenomenon even inspired a March 2016 post on the company’s lifestyle blog titled, “Love Stinks: How to Cope When Your Scentsy Fragrance Is Discontinued.”

Perhaps in Scentsy’s case, customer loyalty is compounded by the fact that smell is closely linked with memory, and for an individual, a specific fragrance can invoke memories of a person, place or period of time. Whatever the source of this enthusiasm, in 2011 Scentsy responded by launching Bring Back My Bar, a semiannual promotion that gives customers the opportunity to vote for their favorite retired fragrances. Once the votes are tallied, the top 20 fragrances are resurrected for a month—ample time for customers and Consultants to replenish their stock.

Bring Back My Bar voting takes place in April, for fragrances available in July, and in October, for those available in January. The company disclosed that in April 2016, customers cast more than 3 million votes in Bring Back My Bar—or BBMB, for those in the know. One alliance of Scentsy Consultants voted 80,000 times in two weeks for their fragrance of choice, Huckleberry Heaven. The latest round of winners, reintroduced this month, includes favorites like Autumn Stroll, Cherry Vanilla and Coffee Tree.