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June 26, 2012

World News

PM-International AG Recognized as Top 100 Innovator

Gerd Niedemhuber (left), COO of PM-International AG, receives the Top 100 award from Innovation Competition mentor Ranga Yogeshwar.

PM-International AG, one of Europe’s largest direct selling companies, was recently honored as one of the Top 100 most innovative German mid-sizes companies during the the Innovation Competition held by the Economic University of Vienna. The award marked the 11th year in a row the company has been so honored—a record for a direct selling company.

The annual competition recognizes creative companies with exemplary innovative ambition, vision and defined sense of novelty. PM-International, which placed among the Top 10 in the overall ranking, was noted for its custom innovation management as well as its processes, organization and marketing/customer facing.

PM-International founder and CEO Rolf Sorg attributes the company’s success to the positive innovation climate. “Our novelties are created through consistent questioning of the status quo, reflection and thinking ahead. ‘What could we improve’ is a question that is asked daily at PM-International,” said Sorg.

PM-International AG offers high-quality food supplements (Fitline series) and cosmetics (Beauty Line series). The company was founded in 1993 by Sorg, and recently placed 46 in Direct Selling News’ Global 100.

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