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February 01, 2016

Publisher's Note

See Your Business through a New Consultant’s Eyes

by Lauren Lawley Head

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In our cover story this month, Nerium International CEO Jeff Olson shared this thought with writer Courtney Roush: “Put yourself in the position of brand-new consultants. They already have jobs and families. It’s so easy to assume the business is second-nature to your consultants like it is to you.” Olson was addressing the importance of high-quality tools for the salesforce, but his reminder that direct selling is fresh and new to so many people with whom we come into contact each day is an important one.

It’s easy to get caught up in the complexity of running a business. Many of you are part of multinational organizations with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of independent business people representing your brands. The complexity is real, and managing that complexity is critical for the continued success of all involved. At Direct Selling News, one of our goals is to assist with that work, bringing you information, analysis and case studies about what your peers are doing today. But this month, we encourage you to pause and reflect not on managing complexity but on maintaining simplicity. As Olson suggests: Put yourself in the position of brand-new consultants. When you do, we think you’ll identify some simple but powerful ideas. For example:

Keep it simple. Our Company Focus on Arbonne, beginning on page 44, illustrates how important it is to maintain simplicity in the midst of complexity. The company celebrated its 35th anniversary last year and is juggling both international and product line expansions. Yet, at the same time, is working hard to simplify promotions and the compensation plan, as well as to create easy-to-follow product systems.

Keep it fun. One of DSN’s neighbors, Plano, Texas-based WorldVentures, has been having a lot of fun by giving back to communities all over the world. WorldVentures Foundation Executive Director Gwyneth Lloyd discusses the program in an interview beginning on page 8, sharing her thoughts on the benefits of giving direct sellers more opportunities to tap into their philanthropic spirits.

Keep it encouraging. This month’s Company Spotlight, beginning on page 34, shares how AdvoCare has been doing just that. When Founder Charlie Ragus set about the business of creating “advocates who care,” he put investing in the personal development of those advocates—and celebrating their successes—front and center. “The times I saw him get emotional,” Vice President of U.S. Sales Training and Field Development Rick Loy remembers, “were when he heard stories, for example, about a mother who now had the energy to get off the couch and play with her kids, or a young couple who had been struggling financially but now were able to earn a little extra income with their AdvoCare business.”

How did you feel when you first began working in the direct selling channel? Whether in the field or home office, those early days were undoubtedly exciting and filled with opportunity. Tap into that energy, and keep things simple, for it is at the core of success.

All the best,

Lauren Lawley Head
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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