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April 01, 2016

Special Publications

The Best Places to Work in Direct Selling 2016 Honorees!

by Andrea Tortora

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Jamberry is growing so fast that its leaders quickly learned the importance of allowing employees to stretch for a job and take risks.

The Lindon, Utah, company launched in 2010. Jamberry makes and distributes nail wraps, nail lacquers, gel enamels and nail and hand care products.

Jane Walter joined Jamberry at the very beginning, as its only customer support agent. She is employee No. 11. As the company grew, Walter hired a team. When demand required a full call center, Walter knew that was a job for a pro, so she took on another opportunity.

“I took an ugly brown building and made it us,” says Walter, who works as Director of Office Services. “That is not anything I even ever dreamed I would do, but man, it was the best fun I ever had while getting paid.”

This culture of letting employees excel where they think they can is a key ingredient to Jamberry’s growth formula. Gaya Samarasingha, Senior Director of International Sales and Development, says executives value employee opinions and empower people to do their jobs.

“We can truly bring value and make a difference,” Samarasingha says. “That’s really important to me in a job from a self-satisfaction standpoint. No other company I have worked for can even come close to Jamberry’s culture.”

The work environment is one of teamwork and collaboration that delivers a feeling of trust and transparency, says James Crawford, Director of Customer Support. Crawford joined Jamberry to build its call center. He previously managed a global call center for another network marketing firm. The chance to help Jamberry construct a call center from the ground up was quite appealing. “It’s been hectic and crazy but it’s a great opportunity,” Crawford says.

“This is by far my favorite job I have ever worked at. I actually enjoy coming into work every day! Jamberry is an amazing company.”

He appreciates the relationship value that doughnut Fridays with CEO Adam Hepworth and monthly company lunches provide. For him, it’s refreshing to work for a business that is not stuck in the old way of doing things.

“They are very innovative,” Crawford says of Jamberry’s executives. “They encourage ideas and if something doesn’t work it is not the end of the world. Instead, we ask, ‘What happened with it, what went well, what didn’t go well and how can we improve?’ ”

This approach leads to a natural progression for employees who want to move up within Jamberry. Walter remembers the early days, when she sat 2 feet away from Chief Performance Officer Jared Richards. Intense teamwork led to surviving those heady days of being an upstart direct selling company.

“This is seriously the best company and they deserve this award! This company has the most generous CEO I have ever worked for.”

And now Walter is so comfortable with Richards and Hepworth that she “can walk into their offices anytime and say, ‘What about this?’ and we just chat. I know if I feel I am in over my head, I go and talk with them.”

Walter’s role means she handles a wider range of issues and projects. She starts most days not knowing what will be happening. She begins by walking the office, asking colleagues if they need anything. “People know to come to me if they need something and we all collaborate when things need to be done,” Walter says. “I feel well taken care of and that is kind of unusual.”

Hepworth says, “We understand in today’s world, the health and happiness of the employees and their families counts for so much. We are proud of our great medical benefits along with other benefits that let our employees know we care about them.”

In addition to the extensive health care, Jamberry employees enjoy discounted fitness center memberships, Birthday Day Off, and Paid Give Back Days to support the local community.  Not to mention frequent opportunities to share time together and celebrate successes.

“Jamberry has been an incredible blessing in my life. It’s provided me with a quality of life that I wouldn’t enjoy without it. The right people are at the helm and this company has an incredibly bright future that I’m proud and excited to be a part of.”

A focus on fun while working goes a long way, especially when the work can be stressful at a company growing as fast as Jamberry, says Samarasingha, who is wrapping up preparations to launch Jamberry’s U.K. market in April.

“When employees enjoy the work they do and the people they work with, when they know they are valued and recognized by the top management, and when they feel like they are part of something larger and making a difference, they give 200 percent to the job,” Samarasingha says. “They enjoy coming to work, putting in long hours and working the weekends to accomplish the company goals. Most importantly we have so much fun and laughter at work every day.”

Crawford envisions lots of opportunities for his own personal growth, and that of his colleagues, as Jamberry becomes a more global business.

“I am doing something new and I have the autonomy to take the skills I have and be recognized,” Crawford says. “And I do have somewhere to go from here.”