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April 01, 2016

Special Publications

The Best Places to Work in Direct Selling 2016 Honorees!

by Andrea Tortora

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Table of Contents

Team National

Giving, serving and helping others is at the heart of everything Team National does, and employees say that culture of caring comes straight from the top. “When I got here, I fell in love,” says Eileen Ryan, Director of Membership Services. “I feel like how you do anything is how you do everything.”

Ryan sought out employment at Davie, Florida-based Team National, which provides discounted business services and shopping to members, after noting the company’s philanthropic work with the Broward County Boys & Girls Club. She wanted to feel valued at work. And she noticed that the Loehr and Chrysler families truly live their servant leadership.

“They don’t just give money, they get their hands dirty,” Ryan says. “They are in the gym with the kids, interacting with them.”

At the office, “a feeling of openness and teamwork is embodied by a true open door policy,” says Kiran Madray, Product Manager. “You can literally get up from your desk and walk into the CEO’s (Angela Loehr Chrysler’s) office and ask her a question about something you are working on,” Madray says. “If you have an idea you can propose it and your opinion will carry weight on that project.”

The friendly and enjoyable work environment is not what Madray expected from corporate America. “They hire all kinds of people, young and old, who can pass on and share knowledge,” Madray says. “We all work hand in hand and we ask different departments for help.”

Lisa Jaiprashad, who works in customer service, describes Team National as “a mini United Nations.” The college student says she’s learned a lot from her co-workers about other cultures and traditions just by getting to know her colleagues.

“I have always thought this company is far superior to the ones I have worked for in the past.”

The company provides many opportunities for team building, including employee appreciation outings to the bowling lanes, weekly catered lunches and family picnics. But the benefit Team National employees seem to value most are the monthly personal growth sessions. Led by different company executives, these training workshops “help you not only to develop professionally in your career but also give you strategies you can apply in your personal life,” says Briana Lopez, a Data Processing Manager with Team National for eight years.

She recalls a session led by Andy Andrews that focused on overcoming fears. “It was about being outgoing and trying to do something every day that you don’t feel comfortable with,” Lopez says.

Jaiprashad said she uses skills every day that she learned in a session about organization. And Ryan was floored when Chrysler gave every employee a $20 bill at the end of a session on positive thinking and told them to “keep it or go out there and share it in a way that shows people are good and kind.

“I’ve been with this organization for over 13 years now (since I was 16). It has truly been a blessing to me and my entire family.”

“She never asked us what we did with it but some employees did share. One person bought umbrellas and gave them away to people caught in the rain without one,” Ryan says.

These kinds of messages illustrate just how much Team National executives care about giving their employees the tools they need to advance and grow. Lopez, who raised a family while working at Team National, is thankful for the support her co-workers and managers provided over the years.

“It really is a family environment and a family-friendly workplace,” she says. “There were times when my assistance outside of work was not as strong and I needed to be with my children and they were understanding in that regard.”

At the same time, Team National is a growing company that provides many opportunities for personal and professional development to encourage employees to move up the corporate ladder. That is a key attribute for CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler. “I want employees to not only feel valued and appreciated but to also feel like there is room for growth,” Chrysler says. “Our personal growth sessions are much more than how it will help them at work. They are designed to show how we can all be a better parent, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.”

“Team National is a great place to work with top management that cares about the employees, not just for the benefit of Team National but for their personal benefit as well.”

During her eight years at Team National, Lopez has witnessed many co-workers start at the bottom and move up. “That is what you look for in a company,” she says. “When you start working here you want a company you can be a part of for a long time.”

Team National founder Richard Loehr said years ago that “no one person within corporate or the sale field would make or break the company.” Chrysler embodies her father’s sentiment. “We focus on helping others and providing choices for others,” she says. “We work with an understanding that we are a team and we help the sales field do great things, and they need us and we need them.”

Ryan says she witnesses the mission of helping others being carried out every day at Team National. “Whether it is giving to the community or helping the field change their lives through this opportunity, that is the common thread.”

She notes that even the CEO stops what she is doing to greet people on a tour or to make sure she wishes an employee happy birthday while hand-delivering a $100 gift card and a handwritten personal note. “We live by the golden rule,” Chrysler says. “We all want to be valued and be part of a team that matters. So we hire nice people and train them on the skills they need.”