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April 01, 2016

Special Publications

The Best Places to Work in Direct Selling 2016 Honorees!

by Andrea Tortora

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The culture at USANA—and the resulting benefits offered to employees—is centered on health and wellness.

That makes sense for the Salt Lake City-based firm, which produces nutritional products and nutraceuticals designed to help customers feel good and live their best life. But USANA takes its wellness offerings a step further than most companies. Perks include free fresh fruit in the break room and an on-site fitness facility.

At USANA, wellness is holistic, says Chad Myler, Senior Wellness Coordinator. The wellness program includes physical, mental and financial health and all the tools employees need to achieve it, such as on-site classes during the workday, access to a physical trainer and meal planner, and a generous profit sharing program.

“Being a health-conscious company, USANA wants to make sure its employees are also healthy,” says Missy Bird, who works in internal communications. “Being healthy resonates through our walls.”

Dave Wentz, Co-CEO, says financial health is a key part of the wellness trinity. USANA’s profit sharing program lets the company give employees an annual bonus equal to between six and eight weeks of pay.

“We want to live by the values USANA was built on,” Wentz says. The bonus “can change an employee’s life by helping them make ends meet or take that special family vacation.”

Healthy employees are more often happy employees. And when staff members feel appreciated and rewarded, they tend to enjoy their time at work and become more productive. The atmosphere at USANA is open, positive and family-oriented, Myler says.

“More often than not you feel as if you are working with friends and family instead of just co-workers,” he says. “I love that you are able to approach upper management here without feeling intimidated because they realize that we all are in this together.”

“I love working for USANA. I have been here for 14+ years and have no intention of leaving. I feel there are great opportunities, and I feel an internal desire to contribute more and add more value for how good the company is to me.”

The team approach means that staff and management show respect and trust for each other, says Connie Ramos, Executive Assistant. “There is no wall between management and employees,” she says. “They are always there to listen to new ideas or suggestions for change.”

Frequent interactions among departments and all levels of the business are essential to USANA’s continued success, Wentz adds.

“Building relationships is the key to our business for our field, but also for our employees,” Wentz says. “USANA employees can count on a fun, open and community-focused workplace, managed by an executive team that is committed to acting on its employees’ ideas, values and concerns.”

That kind of focus is important to Elysia Yuen, Communications Traffic Coordinator. “The corporate culture can really make or break a place,” Yuen says. “If the environment you work in is positive, nurturing and challenging, it will really push the company to be a great place to work.”

And USANA does just that.

“USANA leadership is constantly making a conscious effort to uphold our company values. They show genuine concern for all employees, and show in word and deed how valuable each employee is to our organization.”

The company culture of camaraderie and team spirit makes Misty Dangel, Public Relations Manager, want to come to work each day. She says the vast benefits only add to the pleasant atmosphere. In addition to the wellness program, USANA also gives employees free health screenings and USANA “bucks” that can be used to purchase the company’s products.

USANA also invests in the personal development of individual employees by providing Toastmasters on-site, workshops and trainings that “help employees become better professionals,” Yuen says.

The culture, the benefits, the teamwork and family atmosphere all work hand in hand to help USANA build a company where work-life balance is the norm for its employees. This is a place where employees are encouraged to use the gym or attend a workshop during their workday. The message, says Sylvia Glade-Webber, Administrative Assistant, is that “when we work together as a team, we all benefit.”

Dangel agrees. “The profit-sharing bonus we receive each year is a fantastic incentive and really motivates employees to cut costs and be more strategic,” she says.

For Wentz, the most important aspect of USANA’s work environment is the people. The effort executives put into making USANA a place where employees want to stay is paying off. Turnover is very low and many staff members refer friends and family for job openings. That fact is essential to USANA’s ability to continue to build a strong culture with like-minded individuals who share a genuine interest in working toward the same goals.

“Personally, this company is the ‘Best Place to Work’ for me. All of my needs are met, I am challenged to do and be better than what I am. The product, company value and work ethic are in line with my core beliefs; I am proud to have my name connected to USANA.”

“We firmly believe that if you enjoy the people you work with, you’re more likely to work harder to give back to your team and company,” Wentz says.

Writer Ben Raskin says he couldn’t recommend working for a better company. “My career at USANA is challenging, exciting and always evolving. My co-workers constantly raise the bar of what is expected and our executive team respects and trusts us to make good decisions,” he says. “The high-energy, fast-paced world of USANA is a natural fit for anyone who wants to find a perfect balance between teamwork and individual performance.”