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April 01, 2017

Company Spotlight

The Best Places to Work in Direct Selling 2017 Honorees

by Andrea Tortora

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Table of Contents

Story of the 2017 Best Places to Work and FAQ
It Works!
Nu Skin
Plexus Worldwide
Team National


Even in the midst of a hyper-growth stage, Younique puts a premium on hiring people who will add value to the cosmetics firm both now in the future. Randan Manuela, Distribution Center Director, watched the company grow from 280 employees to 600 since joining Younique in January 2015. He recalls a meeting with Younique Co-Founder Derek Maxfield.

“Derek said, ‘We hire hearts, not heads,’ ” Manuela said. “He talked about how we could hire and add people as fast or as slow as we wanted, but we want to hire the people who are the best fit.”

In many cases, existing employees refer new hires, which only makes sense to Kim Clegg, Senior Manager of Customer Care. The general thought is that people love to share what they love with the people they love. “Everyone wants to feel like the work they do matters and is making a difference,” Clegg said. “Every decision we make goes back to our mission to uplift, empower and validate women around the world.”

Younique’s mission applies to employees, too. Clegg said every employee is treated with respect and rewarded for their work. She cites the call center as an example. Typically a call center manager is expected to be on call 24/7. Not so at Younique. “They talk about family first, and they want you to have work-life balance,” Clegg said. “And it is not just talk. They enforce it. They make sure you take time off to be with your family. And when you leave the office, that is your time.”

Slowing down to hire smart is proving successful for the Lehi, Utah company. Located in an area dubbed the Silicon Slopes for the many top-notch firms nearby, the region has a very low unemployment rate.

To attract the best, Younique’s executive team purposefully designed a campus brimming with perks and an employee compensation plan packed with benefits. “You have to position yourself as an employer of choice,” said Tracee Comstock, Vice President of HR. “Some people who want to work here may wait up to one or two years to get hired.”

Once people land at Younique they tend to stay. Comstock attributes the low turnover rate to building a great culture and loving the mission. “We focus on living our mission, as well as creating a great culture for our employees. We focus on serving our Presenters and customers globally. We work together and collaborate in cross-functional teams. We are all part of the Younique team,” Comstock said. Employees are also motivated to contribute efforts to the Younique Foundation, which helps women who experienced childhood sexual abuse.

“They talk about family first, and they want you to have work-life balance. And it is not just talk. They enforce it.”

Manuela noted that leaders treat every employee as one of their own, not just those people on their teams. While there are work-related goals to accomplish each day, “we want people to succeed and move up and maybe take our spots one day,” he said.

To aid employees in doing their best work and in being their best selves at work and at home, Maxfield and sister and Co-Founder Melanie Huscroft created a campus designed to meet many employee needs.

Rob Morris, a former NFL player with the Indianapolis Colts and a standout at Brigham Young University, directs Younique’s robust wellness program. It features access to many fitness classes, including strength and conditioning, Muay Thai and yoga, as well as nutrition workshops held regularly throughout the year. Classes are held at various times during the day in order to accommodate different shifts so that all employees, including those working nights, are able to attend. Facilities include a gym with weight room, basketball and racquetball courts, a yoga studio, and group training area. Full locker rooms with steam room and showers are available to employees around the clock. 

Employees enjoy a full service salon and spa, including massage therapy, haircuts, beauty treatments and makeovers using Younique’s quality cosmetic products. These services are available at the salon for employees and their families alike. An onsite café features breakfast and lunch prepared by premier chefs. Kiosks are filled with meals that can be reheated for those who work swing or graveyard shifts. Family members are welcome to join the employee for breakfast or lunch and enjoy the top-qualify food in the café. 

Employees also love the ability to work a flexible schedule when needed. This allows them to take care of a child’s doctor appointment or run an errand. Manuela said managers create schedules that work for those going to college, for single parents or for someone working two jobs.

“You are allowed to do the things you need to, so that when you are at work you can focus on work,” Clegg said.

Employees also enjoy Younique’s excellent benefit plans. They enjoy affordable health care, dental, vision, life insurance, and disability plans, as well as a company-matched 401(k) plan.

The entire benefits and wellness package is “about getting that work-life balance a bit more in balance,” said Matt Cooley, President. Cooley said what really shines through, and what employees most often mention to managers is an “even deeper aspect to that sense of purpose of wanting to contribute to a mission greater than you.”