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April 01, 2017

Company Spotlight

The Best Places to Work in Direct Selling 2017 Honorees

by Andrea Tortora

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Table of Contents

Story of the 2017 Best Places to Work and FAQ
It Works!
Nu Skin
Plexus Worldwide
Team National


When employees at Isagenix speak up, executives listen—and then they take action.

It’s all about working with the utmost integrity, says Travis Ogden, President and Chief Operations Officer. Executives ask employees for feedback at quarterly “What Drives Us” meetings, where everyone at corporate gathers for updates, to share in accomplishments and to discuss ideas for the future.

When employees asked for more vacation time, Isagenix gave everyone an additional week of paid time off. When staff expressed the desire for a more relaxed dress code, executives expanded Casual Mondays to every day of the week. 

And in February, Isagenix announced new paid maternity and paid paternity leave policies for new parents.

Ogden says, “When you give people autonomy and show them what you are trying to accomplish, they buy into the vision and they do what’s right without having to be told what to do.” 

Kevin Neale might just be the perfect example of that. He joined Isagenix when he was 21. Married and working two jobs to make ends meet, a friend suggested he apply at the Arizona maker of health and wellness products.

Neale started in the call center and quickly advanced to his current position. With a third child on the way, Neale, now 26, is starting to take college classes through Isagenix’s tuition reimbursement program. 

He can’t say enough about the company’s family friendly atmosphere and the way it helps everyone grow and develop. “Managers see the potential and they believe in you,” said Neale, who also volunteers to lead many of the facility tours given to visitors.

While Neale was working in VIP customer care, the team of eight became a team of three when some individuals were promoted out of the department. Neale talked with some customers on a daily basis and didn’t want any of them to fall through the cracks. So he decided— on his own—to work when the call center was open, from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., until the team was back up to its normal numbers. 

The experience gave him an intimate understanding of all Isagenix programs and promotions, which led to his current job as Sales Program Coordinator.

“When I do tours, I talk about what the company has done for me and my family,” Neale said “I have had a promotion every year and I get compensated for it every year.”

When he returns from a work travel trip, Neale’s manager often tells him to take time off to be with his family. When a supervisor notices that Neale’s working long hours, they help clear his slate and then talk about time management and how to work more efficiently. 

“Our leaders are always trying to get better and improve the corporate and work environment, and they are open and receptive to what anyone has to say.”

“My managers offer tips on things I can work on and steps that I can follow to make improvements,” Neale said.

Sara Richter reports a similar experience. The product education manager joined Isagenix right out of college and didn’t know much about the company. 

That was six years ago. Today, Richter is responsible for educating distributors and customers about Isagenix’s products and “teaching people how to eat better and be healthier.”

Working at Isagenix has been life-changing for Richter, whose job allows her to visit Asia, Australia and many countries she said she would likely never see on her own. 

Richter earned a master’s degree in nutrition education with the tuition reimbursement program. And she excels at public speaking now, too, thanks to leading sessions at Isagenix conventions and meetings.

What keeps Richter coming back to the office is the dedication from the top. “Our leaders are always trying to get better and improve the corporate and work environment and they are open and very receptive to what anyone has to say,” she said.

Company owners Jim and Kathy Coover, and their son, Erik Coover, strive to maintain a culture focused on family and helping people be their best selves. One example: When Isagenix runs its annual Isabody Challenge contest, a competition takes place internally, too.

In her 10 years at Isagenix, Deborah Matthews, Vice President of Human Resources, watched the company grow from a startup to the global force it is today. Matthews built the HR department, drawing on her experience at Fortune 500 firms.

Isagenix offers traditional benefits, including affordable health insurance and a 401(k) retirement savings plan, plus holiday parties and bonuses. 

It provides deep discounts on Isagenix products and free products each month. After so many years, Matthews is still surprised when new people come to Isagenix and feel its energy.

“When people start and they circle back and say, ‘I can’t believe how friendly or nice or helpful everyone is,’ that tells me we are doing our job of keeping the culture, even as we grow globally,” Matthews said.