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February 01, 2015

Publisher's Note

The Power of Connection

by Lauren Lawley Head

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Lauren Lawley Head

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” You will find echoes of that idea as you read this edition of Direct Selling News.

In the direct selling community, energy is never more palpable than at a major company event. When done right, new product announcements, inspirational speakers and critical training come together in a carefully designed blend to create an atmosphere of excitement and belief that take a company’s business—and that of its independent salesforce—to new heights. In this month’s cover story, writer Beth Douglass Silcox examines some of direct selling’s best event practices, providing a tip sheet for companies of all sizes that are looking to craft a cohesive, ongoing event strategy and maximize the return on the effort. Viridian Energy President Meredith Berkich is among the top executives who shared insights for the article. “We approach every event as if we are talking to a brand-new person,” Berkich says. “But the reality is that we all need recharging at times. You miss goals, and you have people out there trying to steal your dreams. Even people who have been in the business for some time need to come and build their own beliefs back up, and sometimes they need to borrow the belief of other people.”

The Direct Selling News team is powering up for a high-energy event of our own: the sixth-annual DSN Global 100 Awards. On April 8, at the InterContinental Dallas Hotel, we will unveil our exclusive list of the largest direct selling companies in the world. It is a celebration you won’t want to miss, and tickets to the gala dinner, open to direct selling executives, are available now at But the Global 100 is more than a night of recognition and celebration. As DSN Publisher and Editor in Chief John Fleming describes in his article “Are We Winning?” on page 58, the list has become “perhaps the most important scorecard on the industry.” As such, you’ll want to be sure that your company participates in this important research. To qualify, companies should submit complete profile and revenue certification forms by March 20, which also are available at

You’ll find a feature story of one of last year’s Global 100 companies on page 30 of this issue. Hy Cite Corp., which ranked No. 75 with 2013 net sales of $164 million, has found success by transitioning from selling female college students on cookware for their hope chests in the 1950s to offering multiple brands that have earned the respect of the U.S. Hispanic market and beyond. “We sell family values—working and eating together, health, and keeping the family together,” says Chairman and CEO Erik Johnson. “We believe that the field salesforce drives sales and much of our marketing and idea generation. We believe strongly that the entire organization learns from each other and that people help each other so that we are all successful together.”

At DSN, we believe that the entire community benefits when direct selling executives share their stories so that companies can learn from each other. As you continue to work your business and event plans for 2015 and further into the future, don’t hesitate to reach out so that we may continue to contribute to the body of knowledge for the entire channel.

All the best,

Lauren Lawley Head
General Manager