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May 23, 2016

U.S. News

USANA Explores ‘Personalized’ Nutrition Offerings with MySmartFoods

Photo: USANA’s new MySmartFoods line. (USANA)

USANA Health Sciences is supplementing its nutrition offerings with MySmartFoods, a health-conscious line of personalized protein shakes and bars.

The Utah-based company developed MySmartFoods to meet the demand for clean-eating, on-the-go products that deliver balanced nutrients, said Dr. Brian Dixon, USANA’s Executive Director of Health and Science Education. “We recognized a desire among consumers for simple and pure products with ingredients they can pronounce and understand—meaning cleaner labels and ingredients that are close to nature.”

With that in mind, USANA created a line of low-glycemic, gluten-free products with non-dairy options. The brand’s MySmartShakes allow customers to personalize their formula, beginning with a protein base of plant, soy or whey. Separately, customers can purchase “Flavor Optimizers” in varieties such as Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, or Peach Mango, and then top it off with a protein or fiber booster. USANA also introduced MySmartBars, a selection of protein bars made with coconut oil and minimal sugar.

“The market for high-quality food products is constantly changing, and while USANA understands the need to evolve with these trends, it’s also important to us that we are creating top-of-the-line products that are not only innovative, but beneficial to those consuming them,” said Doug Braun, Chief Marketing Officer.

USANA officials also said the company is creating a 28-day transformation program aimed at helping consumers maintain their healthy lifestyle changes. Called MySmartStart, the program is set to launch in June.