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June 13, 2017

U.S. News

Viridian Partners with NAUP for Commercial Energy Program

Norwalk, Connecticut-based Viridian International Management, a leading network marketing company, recently announced the expansion of its large commercial program with a new partnership with North American Utility Partners (NAUP). Together, Viridian and NAUP will be able to give large commercial customers more energy choices to enhance corporate sustainability initiatives.

Viridian’s network of more than 22,000 Independent Associates can now offer large commercial customers electricity and natural gas rate quotes through the Viridian Commercial Energy Program, powered by NAUP. NAUP is a premier, full-service energy advisory and consulting firm providing energy procurement and brokering to commercial customers nationwide.

“Partnering with NAUP is just another example of how we’ve been focused on expanding and diversifying responsible offerings for customers,” said Viridian CEO Paul Booth. “Now, large commercial clients can view energy products and rates side by side, empowering them to choose the supplier that best fits their individual needs.”

Viridian has made a number of development announcements in the past year, including its decision to become a private entity last July. Soon after, it declared international expansion with its launch of Viridian Australia. In addition, Viridian announced a new venture into the $8 trillion travel industry with the unveiling of its responsible booking platform, Travel Light, in both the U.S. and Australia in late 2016 and early 2017, respectively. Travel Light offers affordable travel options that are also zero-carbon—Viridian purchases carbon offsets to counterbalance 100 percent of the emissions created by every activity or service booked through the site.

Viridian plans to continue strategic partnerships that will allow Viridian Associates to build lucrative businesses and offer customers around the world more sustainable lifestyle choices.