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January 05, 2017

U.S. News

Wellness Firm Genesis PURE Names New CEO

Photo: Daren Hogge, CEO of Genesis PURE.

Two former Genesis PURE executives are rejoining the corporate team.

The purveyor of health and wellness products has tapped Daren Hogge to serve as CEO. Hogge, who has spent 29 years in the direct sales channel, was CEO of wellness firm GoYin when it merged with Genesis PURE in 2008. He then came on as president of Genesis PURE until his departure in 2012.

“It’s great to get back to the company and products I love so much,” Hogge said in a news release. “Taking a step away in 2012 was the right decision, but today I’m excited to rejoin Genesis PURE and do great things in 2017 and beyond.”

At the outset of his career, Hogge was a CPA with Arthur Andersen, where his work included financial consulting for an established direct selling company. He then transitioned to the channel, taking on a succession of leadership roles, and even serving for three years as president of the Direct Selling Management Association in Utah.

Genesis PURE also is gaining the expertise of Tim Hough, an original officer of the company who is returning as Vice President of International. Beyond Genesis PURE, Hough’s past roles have taken him from Fortune 500 companies to startups, and include a stint as marketing director for Dell Asia Pacific.