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July 18, 2017

U.S. News

WorldVentures Announces Expansions into 4 Countries

Plano, Texas-based WorldVentures™, a leading direct seller of global travel and leisure club memberships, recently announced it has opened for business in four new territories—Guam, Jamaica, Latvia and Uganda.

According to the company, Guam offers a business-friendly climate and a stable economy, having experienced a US$651 million annual spend by foreign tourists. “Growth in Oceania is a natural and exciting progression considering the success we have enjoyed in Asia,” said Wayne Nugent, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer for WorldVentures. “We are offering Representatives a chance to experience the fun, freedom and fulfillment that WorldVentures is built on, and we are thrilled to launch our business model on the island of Guam.”

WorldVentures also launched WorldVentures Marketing Jamaica Limited, marking its second Caribbean foothold next to Puerto Rico. As the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and a destination known for its music, cuisine and scenery, Jamaica will help to increase the company’s presence in the region. “As a business, travel is one of the largest industries globally with unparalleled growth potential and we are seeing strong momentum here in Jamaica, where tourism is one of the key drivers of the economy,” said Nugent.

The company also announced the expansion of WorldVentures Marketing to Latvia, marking the company’s first foray into the Baltic region. “With one of the world’s fastest telecommunications infrastructures and free economic zones to encourage entrepreneurs, it makes sense to expand into Latvia,” Nugent said.

Additionally, WorldVenture has established WorldVentures Marketing South Africa (Pty) Limited in Uganda, a move expected to bolster the East African nation’s economy through business opportunities and increased tourism. “It’s no longer sufficient for WorldVentures to cast a wide net in emerging markets,” said Nugent. “Rather, we seek to power growth by creating new markets and changing the landscape of existing ones. Africa is a strong area of focus and expansion there demonstrates our ongoing commitment to share the WorldVentures opportunity with every person across the globe.”